Bed & Breakfast Insurance in Berwick and Bloomsburg, PA


Business is booming for bed & breakfasts. According to a 2012 article citing stats obtained from the Professional Association of Innkeepers International, around 15,000 B&Bs currently operate in the United States, creating a $3.4 billion industry. Bed & breakfasts are all about comfort. As you provide comfort for your customers, we at Hartman & Lally want to provide you comfort when it comes to recovering from potentially devastating losses incurred by issues such as overzealous guests and liquor liability exposures.

We suit the specialized needs of the B&B industry by combining all the coverages you normally receive under a business owners’ policy with some bed & breakfast-specific policies. This saves you from having to purchase two policies.

Our program includes the following coverages:

Personal Liability and Medical Expense Coverage is provided for bed & breakfast owners and their family members. A typical business owners’ policy places limitations on where you are covered, but our program extends your coverage to cover anywhere in the world.

Household Personal Property covers your business’ personal property — the items you add to personalize your spaces. If Hartman & Lally cover your business’ personal property, the Bed & Breakfast program endorsement extends your coverage on these items to include worldwide protection.

Guests’ Property extends your “property of others” coverage to include property belonging to guests. A good reputation is fundamental to your business’ success, and while you take great care in your bed & breakfast establishment, accidents can happen. If a guest’s property is stolen, damaged or destroyed during a stay with you, our policy will pay up to $1,000 per guest and up to $10,000 for any single occurrence. Additional coverage limits are available.

Highlights of our bed & breakfast program:

Property Protection is available on a Special Coverage Form and provides Building Coverage, which protects the unique home where you, your family, and visiting guests have built and will continue to build many memories. The related Business Personal Property Coverage insures your furniture, fixtures, property of guests, home decor items, office items and more, also covering theft along the way.

Liability Protection covers against losses for bodily injury, property damage, and personal and advertising injury.

Loss of Business Income and Related Expanses coverage is used when a covered property loss forces you to put your bed & breakfast business on hold while expenses continue to accumulate for up to 12 months following the actual loss.