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Did you know there were 1,195 traffic-related deaths in Pennsylvania in 2014?

Auto crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in America, often due to distractions behind the wheel.  As mobile phones become increasingly available, distractions on the road proportionally increase.  The temptation to send a text or check your calls is especially dangerous to teen drivers in the area—new to the roads and more likely to use their phone on the road, the number of distracted driving crashes involving teens increases every year.

Pennsylvania employs a Texting-While-Driving Ban statewide, under Title 75, so operating a vehicle while distracted by a mobile device is illegal.  If our young drivers want the freedom of the open road, it's imperative they follow the law.  Read Title 75 by clicking here

Auto insurance is a great first step toward securing you and your teenage driver.  While insuring your car is an excellent safety net, we at Hartman & Lally Insurers, Inc. believe that the best defense comes through focused driving techniques.  It's important for every driver, but especially those new to the road, to establish good habits when it comes to separating socializing from transportation.

Available for download below courtesy of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a Pledge contract to always stay focused on the road and keep your mobile device away while operating a motor vehicle.  The team at Hartman & Lally Insurers, Inc. encourages all of our clients to discuss distracted driving with your close friends and family, and make the decision together to sign the contract to keep our Pennsylvania roads safe.


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