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Data Compromise Insurance in Berwick and Bloomsburg, PA

In the workplace, client or employee information can easily fall into the wrong hands. Small and mid-sized businesses are especially at risk for data compromise, or theft. This can be a costly situation financially and with loss of trust from clients. You have worked hard to build trust in your business relationships and the cost of damaging it can be devastating because of the fees, penalties and sanctions.

Data Compromise can occur in a variety of ways: dishonest employees, theft, accidental release or inadvertent publication of identity information. This can include your social security number, bank account number, credit or debit card numbers, driver’s license number and any sort of patient history and medications.


Have you already experienced a breach?

Dealing With a Cyber Breach


Hartman and Lally Insurers, Inc. can help protect your business and all of the confidential information that your clients trust you to protect.

Hartman and Lally Insurers, Inc., offers the following options for Data Compromise insurance coverage:

  • Assist with determining the severity of the compromise
  • Investigate the data compromise
  • Notify individuals
  • Provide credit monitoring
  • Case management
  • Recommend remediation services
  • Provide a toll-free hotline
  • Draft required notifications
  • Data compromise expense reimbursement
  • Proactive monitoring expenses
  • Data compromise notifications expenses
  • Forensic investigation
  • Limited legal services
  • Public relations

Try these helpful tips to prevent data compromise from happening in your business: secure sensitive customer information, use password protection, keep your software and operating systems up to date, and train your employees on your company’s security system. These items, and more, can protect you and your business.

Contact Hartman and Lally Insurers, Inc. and speak with an insurance specialist about a data compromise policy for your business. 

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